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Dear friends!

The list of the projects invited to the 21st Kolmogorov Readings has been announced here. Further information will be published on the pages of specific sections; they will be linked to at the top of the Readings’ home page.

To participate in this year’s contest, you should:

  1. Register your talk via the Google survey before April 25, 23:00.

You can edit your registration data until April 25, 23:00.

Attention! In order to maintain access to your data, you must save the “editing link” to the Google survey. The system will automatically send a letter with your answers and an “editing link” to the email address you entered in the survey. If you cannot see the letter, check your “spam” folder.

  1. You must prepare your presentation slides and upload them to your section storage before April 30, 23:00. The first slide must contain the header of your abstract and the authors’ photos. Save your slides as PDF under a name in the following form: [short section name]-[project number].pdf. Your project number is the one you find in the list.
    Examples: bio-3.pdf, math-14.pdf, phys-15.pdf, hum-9.pdf, info-2.pdf, chem-6.pdf.

Make sure the file size is at most 15 Mb (the smaller, the better). Upload the file using one of the following links to section storages:







Do not send presentation slides or links to them by email.

Presentations will be published on the Kolmogorov Readings’ website.

You may ask questions via email

Phone number +7 (925) 478-00-70 is for emergency communication only, it will be active since May 1.

The section chairs will contact you via email on and inform you on the technical aspects of online discussions and the schedule of presentations. It is highly likely that we will use Zoom conferences. The time for testing the connection is also to be announced.


Test day: tentatively, May 2

Presentation day: May 4

Award announcement on the site: tentatively, May 7

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