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AESC MSU – Kolmogorov boarding school is a department (faculty) of Moscow State University. See the full name here.

The education system in AESC is akin to the system of university. Nowadays AESC MSU is one of leading high schools in Russia.

More than 70% of our graduates continue their education in the Moscow State University.

Most of our students are selected from all over the country, with the possibility to be lodged in the school’s dormitory.
The dormitory is situated in the same complex as Teaching and Learning building in the beauty spot within Moscow.

The school was created in 1963 in collaboration with Moscow State University with the initiative of the world-famous mathematician, member of Soviet Academy of Sciences, Andrei Kolmogorov.

Together with Kolmogorov, the initial idea belonged to academician Isaak Kikoin, rector of Moscow University Ivan Petrovskiy, president of SAS Mstislav Keldysh. It was named FMSH-18(in Russian short for Physical and Mathematical school number 18).


The founders wanted to give countryside students an opportunity to receive good both physical and mathematical education in a level playing field.

Kolmogorov and Petrovsky personally participated in student interview as part admissions process.

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