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Chemistry Chair of AESC MSU


Chemistry chair of AESC MSU was founded at 13 November 1989 by professor of MSU Chemistry department Yu. M. Korenev. He became a first head of chair and formed team of like-minded chemistry researchers, who were interested in teaching of gifted students. Since that time, our lectures have taught advanced and basic chemistry for student specialized in chemistry, biology and other subjects. Laboratory classes in the fields of analytical, organic and inorganic chemistry play a very important role in our system of advanced chemistry education. This lab works proceed in the student’s laboratories of MSU Chemistry department. Our teachers also organize a number of special courses for concerned students. In addition, our teachers take part in organization of scientific olympiads, summer schools, chemical tournaments for gifted students and seminars for school teachers. Our education experience was described in a number of publications and was reported on a several conferences. What is more, almost all of our teachers also are active researchers in different fields of chemistry and have scientific publications including works in collaboration with our students. CV’s of our teachers are available in MSU ISTINA bibliographic system by the following links.

IMG_UMKorenev_foto2   ДР 2013 3

Natalia Igorevna Morozova, docent, PhD (Chem.), Head of Chair

Vyacheslav Viktorovich Zagorskii, professor, PhD (Chem.), Dr. habil. (Pedagog.)

Alexander Ivanovich Zhirov, docent, PhD (Chem.)

Alexey Mikhailovich Galin, docent, PhD (Chem.)

Ekaterina Alexandrovna Mendeleeva, docent, PhD (Chem.)

Alexander Sergeevich Sigeev, senior teacher, PhD (Chem.)

Oleg Vladimirovich Koliasnikov, teacher, Dipl. (Chem.), M.A. (Pedagog.)

Vladimir Yurievich Bystrov, teacher, Dipl. (Chem.)

Gleb Yurievich Aleshin, teacher, M.Sc. (Chem.)

Mariia Valentinovna Sitnikova, teacher, M.Sc. (Ecol.Geochem.)

Anatolii Vladimirovich Morozov, laboratory assistant

Alexei Alexandrovich Tishkin, laboratory assistant

Young volunteers not on permanent staff:

Yaroslav Sigeev, Konstantin Evdokimov, Anna Maximova, Leonid Starostin, Denis Antipin, Evgenii Anokhin, Alexander Sobol and others.

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