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Math Applied To Science (MATS)

Individual olympiad in which participants are given three problems to be solved in two hours. Problem sets depend on the league. In the problems, mathematics is to be applied to situations from mechanics, physics, or other sciences and some knowledge of these sciences may be needed. Sample problems

Math Around Us (MAU)

Like MATS, this is an individual olympiad for two hours with problems sets depending on the league. The problems are essentially mathematical, but deal, as a rule, with real world situations and don’t require any special knowledge from physics or other sciences.

Both in MATS and MAU, problems have well-defined answers, possibly approximate with a given precision.

Empirical Optimization Contest (EOC)

Each task of this contest is an optimization problem represented by a computer model supplied with tools that allow us to create manually various solutions to the problem. Each solution is characterized by a certain number and the goal is to make this number as small (or as large) as possible. Various solutions are ordered by these numbers, but the absolute optimum usually is either practically unreachable or even unknown. Sample problems

Mathematical Modeling Challenge (M²C)

This is the main contest of the tournament. Its (single) problem is handed out to teams on the first day of the event; on the third day teams work on it to submit solution papers and summaries by 9 pm. The fifth day is devoted to a conference during which teams give presentations of their work.

By and large, the M²C task is close to the tasks of IMMC (International Mathematical Modeling Challenge). Examples of IMMC tasks can be found here. The difference is that in our contest teams will have only 1–2 days for solution rather than five as in IMMC and that in addition to written papers and summaries they will have to present their solutions orally.

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