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The 21st Kolmogorov Readings

May 3—6, 2021

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The 21st Kolmogorov Readings International Science Conference for high school students will be held online on May 3—6, 2021. It is organized by the Advanced Education and Science Center (AESC) of Moscow State University (Kolmogorov School) in cooperation with Lomonosov Moscow State University departments.

The Conference program includes Student Sections in:
• Physics
• Computer Science and Mathematical Modeling
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Humanities

and the Teacher Section devoted to multidisciplinary education. Problems of two kinds will be discussed: on the one hand, teaching of mathematics or physics to students majoring, say, in biology and vice versa; on the other hand, the organization of student multidisciplinary research, such as projects in mathematical modelling.

Participants from Russia, CIS and foreign countries: high school students and their advisors, high school teachers, educators, Kolmogorov School teachers and the School alumni are invited to the conference.

The Conference working languages are Russian and English.

The Conference is intended to search for and support talented students who are interested in science and research, to expand teachers’ scientific and methodical outlook.
Please fill in the application form and submit the proceedings to the Organizing Committee by April 1, April 4, 2021. All applications are only accepted through the on-line registration system at: . The applications sent by regular mail or e-mail will not be accepted. The proceedings should be in MS Word format (no more than one A4 page in 12 pt size font with 1.5 line spacing). An application may be rejected by the expert committee.

The list of the accepted works will be published no later than April 10, 15, 2021. The invited participants should e-mail their «Delegation Application» and the full text of their reports by April 15, 20 2021, to the Organization Committee ( The application form and presentation specifications are posted on the web portal «Lomonosov» and on the AESC web site.


Lomonosov Moscow State University, Advanced Education and Science Center (AESC) of Moscow State University (Kolmogorov School), Alumni Club of Kolmogorov School

Cost of participation

Conference fees are 0 rubles


Monday, May 3         Opening of the 21st Kolmogorov Readings,
Tuesday, May4         Presentations
Wednesday, May 5    The jury meeting
Tuesday, May 6        Closing and awarding ceremony

Details on the video conference platform, regulations and exact timing to be announced.


Adress Advanced Education and Science Center of Moscow State University (Kolmogorov School)
11, Kremenchugskaya St., Moscow, Russian Federation, 121352


Phone number +7(925) 478-00-70 (in case of urgency after  1.04.2021)



Abstract Requirements and Guidelines

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