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AESC MSU – Kolmogorov’s boarding school is a department (faculty) of Moscow State University. To see the full name click here.

The educational system in AESC is akin to the university system. Nowadays AESC MSU is one of the leading high schools in Russia.

More than 70% of our graduates continue their education in Moscow State University.

Most of our students are selected from all over the country, with the possibility to be lodged in the school dormitory.
The dormitory is situated in the same complex as Teaching and Learning building in the beauty spot within Moscow.

Students are provided with six nutritionally balanced meals a day.

There is a medical station at school. Students have an opportunity to visit theatres, museums, sporting competitions and other places of interest.
There are many clubs and societies covering a wide variety of interests available for students to join or attend.

A leaflet on AESC MSU(in Russian):

Буклет СУНЦ МГУ (1) Буклет СУНЦ МГУ (2)

Download p.1                                                                                   Download p.2

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