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Dear Friends!

The 6th Mathematical Modelling Tournament for high-school students (MMT) will be held from October 29 to November 4, 2023.

Please notice: the access to the assignment for the Mammoth Contest, the main contest of the Tournament, will be opened on October 27, at 16:00 via the AESC Distance Learning Center (DLC).

International teams can take part in the event online.


Advanced Education and Science Center of Moscow State University — the Kolmogorov School,

Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Lomonosov Moscow State University,

supported by: Russian Academy of Sciences, Alumni Club of AESC MSU.

Programme (for online participants)

Timing Moscow time, UTC+3h

Friday Oct. 27, 16:00  Download the Mammoth problem
Monday Oct. 30, 15:00 (Zoom) Opening of the Tournament
Tuesday Oct. 31, 10:00–12:00    Math Around Us (MAU/“Lobster”) Olympiad, entrance to the zoom-conference at 9:10
Wednesday Nov. 1, 10:00–12:00  Optimization contest (“Goat”)

12:0-14:00 Seminar and Round table for team-advisor
“Mathematical modelling for students”, presentation by Vladimir Dubrovsky
Wednesday Nov. 1, 16:00  Deadline for the submission of Mammoth solutions
Thursday Nov. 2, 10:00–12:00  Math Applied To Science (MATS/“Primate”) Olympiad, entrance to the zoom-conference at 9:10
Friday Nov. 3, 9:30–14:00 Presentation of Mammoth Solutions
Saturday Nov. 4, 12:00–13:00 (Zoom)  Closing of the Tournament, announcement of results



(!) Instruction 2023


Questions and answers

Presentation «What is mathematical modeling?» K.Avilov


Participation fees

Online international teams are freed from the participation fee, the number of participating teams from one educational institution (school) being at most two.

Registration at the Tournament

All participating teams must be registered via the Personal Account system of AESC MSU. Registration is open on September 19 and will last until October 25 at 23:00


Basically, participants of MMT are supposed to come in teams of at most four students representing a school, city or region. Teams must be accompanied by an advisor, or coach. However, in certain cases, it is acceptable that teams include students from different schools or cities.

Each contest has two versions intended for students of certain age: Junior League for grades 8–9, Senior League for at least 10th grades. The league of a team is determined by the highest grade of its members. All members of a Senior League team, even if they study in the 8th or 9th grade, must take part in the Senior-League individual olympiads.


    • Development and popularization of the topical high-tech educational trends: applied mathematics, mathematical modeling, STEM.
    • Networking between math and science high schools in Russia and abroad.
    • Familiarization of students and teachers with new forms and formats of mathematical competitions.
    • [For live participants] Sightseeing of Moscow for the students and teachers from various regions of Russia and for foreign guests.


Online participation in MMT-2023 will be provided by Zoom and via DLC for all the four contests.


The Organizing Committee will answer your questions via the email


Previous Tournaments

MMT had replaced the Mathematical Multiathlon competition that had been held for 10 years before that. The principal difference between the two competitions is in the subject matter of tasks and problems.

(1) MMT
(2) MMT
(3) MMT
(4) MMT
(5) MMT


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