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The First Team and Individual


The first edition of the Mathematical Modeling Tournament (MMT), an international team and individual school tournament, will be held in Moscow from October 28 to November 4, 2018.




MMT-2018_Tasks_(Senior League only)

Advanced Education and Science Center of Moscow State University — the Kolmogorov School (AESC).

The main purposes of the Tournament are to promote the teaching of mathematical modeling of real world phenomena, objects, and situations, to familiarize secondary and high school educators and students with a wide range of applications of mathematics to problems in physics and other sciences and with mathematical problems we encounter outside of mathematics itself, to help students develop their modeling skills – and to do so at all educational levels for all students.

The MMT has two main predecessors. In terms of format it inherits the 10-year tradition of the Mathematical Multiathlon, a team/individual international tournament which consisted of five math olympiads with different rules and in different areas. During this decade the Multiathlon was attended by representatives of six foreign countries and about 30 Russian regions. In terms of content, the main MMT contest follows the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge, IM²C.

We invite teams consisting of at most four students of higher grades (8–11 in Russia and 9–12 in most other countries) and their adviser, representing educational institutions or locations; individuals will be asked to form “neutral” teams. Each team is assigned to one of two leagues: junior (if all the team members are in grades not higher than 9 or 10 for 12-year system) or senior (otherwise).

Structure of the Tournament
MMT consists of four rounds: two individual olympiads (Math Applied To Science, MATS, and Math Around Us, MAU), the Empirical Optimization Contest, EOC, and team Mathematical Modeling Challenge (M²C). Prizes are awarded for each round within each league, to the best individuals over all individual rounds and to the best teams are ranked within each grade, while team ranking takes into account the three best team members’ results in individual rounds and team’s 10-fold result in M²C. See details here.

Tournament Essential Program Outline (full Program here)
October 30. MATS and MAU
October 31. M²C; workshop for advisors
November 1.  EOC, preparing M²C presentations
November 2.  M²C presentations

Fees for foreign participants: 18,000 rubles per student, 9,000 rubles per adviser; might be reduced/canceled.

Click here before October 14, 2018 for online registration.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us!
E-mail:, Website
Tel.: +7 (925) 478-00-70.

The Organizing Committee of the Tournament

Alfred Cheung. Lecture for team advisors IMMC: Experience from China (on the organization and practice of competitions in mathematical modeling in Greater China and promotion of math modeling teaching). АnnouncementPresentation

K. Avilov. Lecture for the participants of the tournament WHAT IS MATHEMATICAL MODELING.  АnnouncementPresentation.

K. Avilov. Lecture for team advisors Teaching mathematical modeling at school as seen by a practical math modeller. АnnouncementPresentation 

Opening Presentation
Closing Presentation
Photos from the opening ceremony
Photos from the teacher workshop
Photos from the closing of the tournament

Different photos from the tournament

Videos from the Tournament on the Kolmogorov School (AESC of MSU) Youtube channel (to be updated)

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