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The head of the team should register his Personal Account at AESC MSU:
See Image 1.1   Image 1.2

Registering the team for the Tounament (by the team’s head):

  1. Log into your Personal Account:  ( Image 2.1)
  2. Ignore the text in Russian, click «My forms» (See Image 2.2)
  3. Collapse the invisible forms in Russian (by clicking «Базовая анкета › collapse») (Image 2.3)
  4. Fill in the mandatory TMM’s forms: M0, M1.1—M1.4, M2, and M3 (the next form will be available after filling in the previous ones) (Image 2.4)
  5. Optionally fill in other TMM’s forms:
    1. MVs — Data for the organization of the meeting
    2. MDeparture — Information on departure
    3. MF — sizes of T-shirts

At first, only the short form M0 is available. By submitting it, you declare the team to the tournament.

To complete the application process for participation in the tournament, please fill in the following forms (mandatory):
M1.1 Questionnaire for the Participant No.1;
M1.2 Questionnaire for the Participant No.2;
M1.3 Questionnaire for the Participant No.3;
M1.4 Questionnaire for the Participant No.4;
M2 the questionnaire for the head of the team;
M3 team arrival confirmation form — submit no later than October 14, 2018, otherwise the organizing committee cannot guarantee a full cultural program.

Do not forget to click «Save» at the end of each form.

Forms can be edited. On October 25, 2018 the lists of participants will be fixed.

In addition, you can fill in the optional forms «MD — Additional Statement» and «MB — Text of Gratitude» (to the sponsors or the sending organization). The deadline for filling in all these forms is October 25th 2018, 23:00 Moscow time (UTC+3:00), although fill them in as soon as you can, please.